Galle French Clock

Origin: France
Movement: Gerard-Jean Galle 1788-1846
Serial: n/a
Style: Mantel Clock
Age: Circa 1815

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Galle, Rue Vivienne a Paris, signed on the dial of the clock. Solid bronze case, enamel dial with roman numerals, Breguet hands, countwheel, bell striking anchor movement with silk suspended pendulum. A classical lady, bronze work of very good quality. One of Galle’s clocks was sold by Sothebys Amsterdam on April 16 2007. Gerard-Jean was the eldest son of renowned bronzier Claude Galle (1759-1815). Gerard took over the family business at Rue Vivienne on his fathers death and soon proved that he could maintain its excellent reputation. His business was regarded one of the best in Paris and was frequented by the richest clientele including Duc de Richelieu, the Marquis de Martel and Viscount de la Rochefoucauld.


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