The Three Graces
Vintage Boulle Style ClockThe three graces

The Three Graces Clock (1386)

Origin: French
Movement: n/a
Serial: n/a
Style: n/a
Age: 1880’s

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Product Description

The Three Graces were the personification of grace and beauty, often represented as the handmaidens of Venus sharing several of her attributes, including the Rose. According to Hesiod, their names were Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia. Seneca described them as standing for the threefold aspect of Generosity, Giving, Receiving and Reciprocating, the Renaissance saw them as the three phases of love: Beauty, arousing desire leading to fullfilment, or as personification of Chastity, Beauty and Love. Amazing silvered Graces with a blue enamel globe as the face.