Stunning Antique Cloisonne Clock 1

Stunning Antique Cloisonne Clock

Origin: France
Movement: n/a
Serial: n/a
Style: Cloisonne
Age: 1860
Status: SOLD

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Product Description

Stunning miniature mantel clock. Fine and unusual globe clock with ormolu cupid mounts. The eight day strike lever movement is held within the champleve ball. Champleve is an enamelling technique in the decorative arts, or an object made by that process, in which troughs or cells are carved into the surface of a metal object, and filled with vitreous enamel. The piece is the fired until the enamel melts, and when colled the surface of the object is polished. Champleve is distiguished from the similar technique of cloisonne in which the troughs are created by soldering flat metal strips to the surface of the object. The difference between the techniques is analogous to the wood working techniques of intarsia and marquetry.