Samuel Troll Fils Music Box 1

Samuel Troll Fils Music Box

Origin: Switzerland
Movement: Samuel Troll Fils
Serial: n/a
Style: Cylinder Musical Box
Age: 1870
Status: SOLD

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Product Description

In a beautifully crafted cabinet of finely burled walnut with quarter matched veneer panels and rosewood and boxed wood border banding on the top, front and side, is housed a twelve-tune cylinder musical box with six bells surmounted by silver butterflies. There is an inner glass lid protecting the movement and Samuel Troll Fils brass label on the inside lid. Serial number on the flat-topped winding lever: 4511 The idea of a self playing musical box was developed from the Carillion Bell Towers used in Europe where a rotating barrel, pinned with cogs in certain positions, would move hammers to strike tuned bells at the proper time to produce music.