Raingo Freres Figural Clock 1

Raingo Freres Figural Clock

Origin: France
Movement: Raingo Freres, H. Picard
Serial: 532
Style: Mantel clock
Age: 1831
Status: SOLD

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Product Description

Beautiful figural clock, genius playing with a goat. The movement was made by Raingo Freres. The house of Raingo was established in 1813, specialized in the high precision clockmaking under the Empire and Restoration period. In 1830 Raingo settles down at 8 Rue deTouraine. The case was made by Henri Picard. The fondeur and doreur was based in Paris from 1831 at 6 Rue Jarente and later on 10 Rue the la Perle (1839). The firm was celebrated for the quality of their production and supplied garnitures and table pieces for the apartments of the Emperor Napoleon III, now in the Louvre.