Limoges/Haviland Dinner setting (V216) 1

Limoges/Haviland Dinner setting (V216)

Origin: French
Movement: Haviland, Limoges
Serial: n/a
Style: Haviland
Age: 1800s

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Product Description

In 1839 a young American named David Haviland, living in New York, was engaged in the retail china business. In his search for a beautiful French tea cup to be replaced, he ended up in Limoges, France. It was from Limoges, where he had move to, then, that David began importing this fine French China. In 1842, the first shipment of Haviland China was exported to the United States. David’s son Theodore Haviland, builded shortly after 1890 one of the largest and best factories in Limoges. Inheriting his father’s genius and enterprise, Theodore Haviland rapidly became a leader in the making of fine china.