Bracket Clock for Tiffany's New York (1249) 1

Bracket Clock for Tiffany’s New York (1249)

Origin: English
Movement: Tiffany New York
Serial: n/a
Style: Bracket
Age: 1800s
Status: SOLD

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Product Description

The movement and dial of this clock were made by Tiffany & Co.’s clock departmen, which completed them on july 28, 1894, at a manufacturing cost of $ 150. The clock has a massive English time, strike and chime movement. The movement has 4 hammers striking on 4 colied anvils and the hour strikes on 1 anvil. Mahogany case with brass trimming, fluted columns, fancy capitols and a solid brass dial with silver chapterring. Heavy brass door with extra thick beveled glass, brass hinges and door lock.