Jacob Petit porcelain Clock
Jacob Petit ClockIMG_2208

Beautiful Jacob Petit small porcelain clock

Origin: French
Movement: Louis a Paris
Serial: n/a
Style: Jacob Petit
Age: Mid 1800’s

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Product Description

Beautiful Jacob Petit small porcelain clock, signed on the dial “Louis a Paris” and also on the movement.

Jacob Petit was born Jacob Mordecai and became later known as JP. He was born in Paris in 1796, and after studying Art, was employed by the porcelain factory at Sevres, as a painter in 1822.

In 1830 he bought a porcelain factory with his brother in Fontaine Bleau, which he named using his own first name and his wife last name Petit, creating the name by which he became known. He later opened a workshop in Paris. By 1839 JP employed about 200craftsmen and was enjoying great success.


He died in Paris in 1868.