Automaton Rocking Ship Clock (1312) 1

Automaton Rocking Ship Clock (1312)

Origin: French
Movement: T.C. Cailly, Eude & Brevete
Serial: n/a
Style: Rocking ship Clock
Age: 1830
Status: SOLD

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Product Description

French Automaton Rocking Ship mantel clock. The Rococo gilt bronze case mounted with Neptune & shells enclosing the circular dial, resting on an oval rosewood base inlaid with mythological gods riding dolphins, containing a further silk thread suspension movement with masted ship swaying in front of a seascape painted tin panel. Note: A rocking ship automaton with movement by Cailly can be found in the collection of te Chateau-Musee de Dieppe, Musee the France. The bright gold plated bronze case work is a virtual cornucopia of nautical delights. Automaton = Animated mechanical Figure or scene.