Antique Furniture


Antique Furniture is collectible interior furnishings of considerable age. It covers a wide range of types, designs, historical periods and styles including; American, English, Continental (German and French), and oriental. Furniture, in its infancy, was simple and served as a practical addition to the home. As time passed, delicately crafted furniture became, among other things, a status symbol for wealth and lifestyle.

Furniture pieces we sell include; chairs, tables, cabinets, desks, cupboards, armoires, screens, chests, vitrines and more, in a variety of styles such as Regency, Victorian, Empire, Queen Anne, and Napoleon. Our inventory is acquired from numerous sources including; estate sales, auctions, and private sellers to mention a few, and is constantly changing.

Authentic, rare and unique pieces of antique furniture, big and small, are of particular interest to us, and our customers.

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